About Me

I am Favourable HN. A medical student. I hope to become an allergy specialist, pulmunologist or internist.

Why I offer advice on how to prevent Asthma and Allergy related symptoms…

I was diagnosed with asthma at age 5. I experienced asthma and allergy related symptoms for a long time. The symptoms came when ever I was in an unpurified surrounding.  This really disturbed the quality of my life. I was desperate to put an end to  the reoccurring symptoms

So when I entered the medical school in 2012, I took a keen interest in asthma and allergies. I did an intensive research on how to effectively manage these conditions. I learned small particles in the air in our surroundings  trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. I also learned how to effectively remove these asthma and allergy symptoms-triggering  particles from our homes and other surroundings.

I applied what I learned and got an amazing result. Since then I have been living a normal healthy life. I do not esperience any symptoms again. I now have an absolute control over these conditions.

Unfortunately many people still suffer from asthma and allergy symptoms. I know how they feel. If you are here, you  probably experience asthma and/or allergy symptoms or you have a loved one with such symptoms. I want to help you. So with my solid background in IT, I have decided to put together this website to share every useful fact about how to prevent asthma and allergy symptoms.

If you ever need any support or feedback regarding air purifiers or your asthma and allergy symproms, I would be more than delighted to help.  Just leave a comment below and also make sure you visit my site on regular basis.  I am always updating it with the most useful ideas and information I find that I know you will find extremely helpful and interesting…


I hope you will find an everlasting solution to your asthma and allergy symptoms here.


Fovourable HN

Founder of Asthma Allergy Free Air