Air Purifiers

The term air purifier is becoming increasingly common these days. Not least because of the rise in pollutants in our homes and outside. Pollutants are harmful, and we all want to do away with them.  So what exactly is an Air Purifier? What does it do ? And can we trust the claims manufacturers make about it ?

An air purifier is a device or unit used in cleaning air. Especially indoor air. Most people   aren’t aware that the air in our homes are four times more harmful than the air outside.    This is disturbing. More disturbing is even the fact that  we breath and live in these harmful air most of the time. Because we spend almost 70 percent of our time in our homes.


The air in our homes contain pollen, smoke , toxins, allergens and other particles that make it harmful. These particles are so tiny. Yet very dangerous. We inhale them into our systems without knowing. They trigger asthma symptoms  and allergy reactions. These symptoms and reactions can really affect the quality of our life.  In some instances the symptoms could be very severe. And even fetal sometimes.

Air Purifiers prevent us from the harmful effects of these particles. Air purifiers capture and remove particles that  trigger  asthma symptoms and allergy reactions in our homes.  You can check this ARTICLE to read more about how air purifiers prevent asthma symptoms.

Asthmatic patients and people with allergy especially do need air purifiers for thier homes. An air purifier can help these people  live a normal healthy life by ensuring they breath in purified and cleansed air.  As you probably know, an asthmatic patient without symtopns is just like a person without any condition. They enjoy thier life without any problem.

You must consider a lot of factors before getting an air purifer. We have all sort of air purifers in the market. So it’s important you are well informed about them before buying one. Getting the best air purifier can sometimes be difficult. Since they are many types of air purifiers on the market.   We talked about the most relevant questions you need  to answer when buying an air purifer for your home in our last post. You can read it HERE.

I hope now you have a fair idea as to what air purifiers are and what they are used for. In the coming days, will be sharing the most updated and useful information regarding air purifiers. Make sure you visit this site very often. You wouldn’t want to miss such great and interesting infomation.

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