ALLERGY FREE AIR FRESHENERS: Top 5 safe Air freshners for You.

We all want our homes, work places and surroundings to smell good. And to achieve this, we usually resort to air fresheners. Sadly most of air fresheners on the markets are syhthetic air fresheners. Synthetic air fresheners are not safe. They contain toxins. And can lead to several health issues. Especially for poeple with asthma and allergy.


Air Fresheners


In fact even people without these conditions can get troubles from modern air fresheners. They are really harmful. And we must  limit if not avoid contacts with them. Allergy free air fresheners are the ideal air fresheners for people with Asthma and Allergy.


As the name suggests, air fresheners are supposed to freshen the air we breath. But unfortunately, most modern air fresheners do not cleanse the air we breath. They are dangerous to our health. They emit fragrance  which contain  toxic chemicals that cause all sorts of health concerns in our body.

They trigger running noses, sneezing and asthma in allergy and asthmatic patients. And even people without asthma can experience these symptoms.


Modern air fresheners either block your smell receptors, making it difficult for you to perceive smell properly or they coat your nasal passages or they simply mask odors with more powerful scents.

Contrary to some misconceptions, most of the air fresheners on the market do not purify odor. They simply mask odors with more powerful scents. And this phenomenon create double burden in our homes. The burden of the existing odors and that of the chemicals in these products.




Most doctors describe fragrance products as pollutants. They release volatile organic compounds and ozone in to the air. Volatile organic compounds are irritants which cause severe asthma and allergy symptoms in people who are exposed to them. Ozone on the hand , can cause bronchospasm in asthmatic patients.  It also does react with other chemicals to produce more dangerous compounds.

Most of these products contain phthalates. Phthalate is a nasty compound. Researches have shown it leads to autism , obesity, birth defects and hormonal imbalance.




The good news is that we have lots of better alternatives to these asthma and allergy symptoms triggering modern air fresheners.  Let’s look at the most common ones below;


1. RejuvenAir Activated Charcoal;

Rejuven activated charcoal is part of allergy free air fresheners

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This is one of my favourite natural air fresheners. It removes odors and mold using just one powerful ingredient; Activated charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is a scientifically proven air freshener, air purifier and deodorizer. As you probably know, charcoal is a porous substance. So as air passes through its pores, it absorbs and traps on its surface the allergens, bacteria and odor present in the air.

It is also effective in removing harmful and toxic chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia that are usually produced by synthetic and harmful air fresheners, paints and some cleaners.

Another wonderful feature of these bags is that you can use it to freshen and remove odors for 2 years. Yes, you heard me right! It can be re used for 2 years. You just have to dry it in the sun for an hour every month for “recharging”. And after that you take it and place it where you want fresh and odorless air.


2. Baking soda :

safe air freshener: baking soda

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Baking soda is an effective and non toxic air freshener.  Unlike modern air fresheners, baking soda absorbs odor. You can  put baking soda powder in a vacuum bag to ensure an odorless surrounding after vacuuming. You can equally put it in refrigerators, drawers , closets or anywhere you want to clear odor.

It’s quite easy making a baking soda air freshener in the house:

.Mix a powder of baking soda and essential oil in a bowl. ( Adding an essential oil isn’t a must. The essential oil leaves a pleasant scent after the baking soda absorbs the odor). Put the mixture in to a spray bottle and add enough water to the bottle. Shake well to ensure a uniform mixture. Yes! That’s just  it. You have an effective air freshener in your hand. Now use it anywhere you want it.



3. Essential oils:

essential oils are safe for purifying the air

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Another great natural air freshener are essential oils. Especially those used in aromatherapy.  They leave nice scents wherever they are sprayed.  If you love flower scents but have problems with flower scented air fresheners, essential oils are your best alternative.

As I stated above , you can mix it with baking soda powder.  Or you can simply add it to a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well to get a uniform mixture and start using your natural air freshener!



4. Vinegar:

vinegar cheap but effective

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Just like a baking soda powder, Vinegar absorbs odor in the house. And hence can be used as a non toxic  air freshener in your home. It’s safe for  and children and pets.

.Mix Vinegar with distilled water in a spray bottle.  And that’s it. You can eliminate any odor in your house with this air freshener.


5. Citrus and spices:


Citrus and Spices

If scented candles are your favourite air freshener, I advise you to switch to simmered citrus and spices air freshners.

Simmered citrus and spices air freshners will freshen your bathroom, living room and kitchen. It’s very effective in eliminating the odors from foods like fish and onions.

Its antiseptic property will ensure purified air circulates in your home.

It’s quite simple to make this air freshener. Add sliced lemon, some sprigs of rosemary and vanilla extract in to a stock pot and allow the mixture to simmer all day. This mixture will feel your house with good smelling scent.




By far the most effective natural air freshener is CLEAN AIR. let fresh air into your home. Ventilate your home severally a day. If you don’t let fresh air into your home, no matter the amount of money you spend on air freshners, the odor will never go away.


Fresh Air


Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your house. Smokes of tobacco and cigarettes produce the most offensive odors.

Throughyly clean and dry clothes in your house reguarldy. If you have pets around,  Don’t forget to clean them  often too. And do so outside.


In Conclusion

So as you can  see, fortunately for us, we have a number of better alternatives to the toxic modern air fresheners. You can try any of the above allergy free air fresheners. It’s essential to switch to these natural air fresheners to avoid the health hazards that fragrance products pose.

leave a comment or suggestion below if you have a question about any of the allergy free air fresheners discussed above.


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