Best Himalayan Salt lamps 2021

Patronage of these lamps is skyrocketing. There are so many of these lamps on the market today. Some are genuine while others are fake.  The salt in the lamp originates from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. Hence its name.

The Himalayan salt lamps come in different seizes and shape. They  have varying designs. The most common design on the market is the compact ones with wooden base. You can also get crafty metallic ones with natural rocks.

Since the demand for these lamps are on the rise, some people have used it as an opportunity to make cheap money from people by making fake Himalayan salt lamps.

Below we would  recommend to you the best Himalayan salt lamps you can look out for. And after we will navigate you through some of the things that may likely indicate that the Himalayan Salt lamp you are using or intend to buy is not genuine.


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Before we reveal to you our list, we would like to point out that there are no evidence to back the supposed health claims of these salt lamps. These salt lamps are however very attractive and can add a great look to your home.


Best Himalayan salt lamps for you

They are so many types of salt lamps on the market now. Below we have reviewed the best ones you can get from the market.


1. Himalayan glow 1004

best himalayan salt lamps

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The  salt crystals of this light are hand mined in the Himalayan mountains. It is hand carved to give a unique appearance. Once it is lit, it gives a calming and warm amber glow.

It comes with a UL Approved electric cord, lamp, base and a 15 watt bulb.

The wooden base of this salt Lamp is made of the neem wood. This wood is getting a lot of attention in the United States these days. It’s proven to be an affective botanical insecticide. Furniture manufacturers are now considering using it to make furniture. It is very durable and repel termites and other pests.

With such a strong wooden base , your lamp is guarantee to last longer. You wouldn’t have to stress over insects destroying it in no time.

The dimmerble switch is fire safe and heat resistant. It doesn’t get hot over time. And this reduces the risk of fire in your home. Its cord assembly and salt lamps are all ETL certified.

You can  use it to surprise your loved ones , friends and Family as a perfect a gift.

Downsides: One big disadvantage of this lamp is that if you live in a humid environment, it might melts and mess up wherever you place it.  We advise you to place something under it if you live in humid areas.


2. Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan salt.

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The first thing you will always want to check when buying a Himalayan salt lamps is the origin. Because if you buy any Himalayan salt lamp that comes from a place different from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, then you have wasted your money.

The uniqueness of these salts is from the fact that they originate from the Himalayan mountains. The crystal decor natural Himalayan salt is 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals.

You can use it in your bedroom, bathroom,  kitchen or wherever you want in your home or office. It comes in a star designed metal basket. The container is sturdy and hold the salt rocks well. The design of the whole product is so unique. The dimmerble cord it comes with allows you to have any ambiance you wish in your surrounding.

Perhaps, the most enticing thing about this product is the confidence its manufacturers have in it. They have a no hassle 90 day money back guarantee. If the lamp fails to meet your expectations within this period, you can easily return it and get your money back.


In fact this warm attitude of its manufacturers further adds to the claim the Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan salt is 100 percent original. Remember we mentioned flexible and relaxed return policies of  suppliers or manufacturers as one of the signs that a Himalayan salt lamp is genuine.

Downsides: One set back of this lamp is it can give off a caustic smell. Which is quite repulsive. It is fair to mention though that this is not always the case.


3. Crystal Allies Gallery; Natural Himalayan salt mesh basket

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The lamp comes with hand carved natural salt crystal in a basket. The salt chunks are mined from natural sources.
You can rearrange the salt chunks to suit your taste. You can also add and remove the salt pieces in the basket. You have a control over how you want your lamp to appear. And this is quite great.

Place this unique lamp at your bedside, living room or office to get a perfect its soft warm glow.

If you purchase it and it fails to live up to expectations, you have nothing to worry about. Simply return it and get a refund within 90 days. The manufacturers place so much emphasis on customer satisfaction.


Downsides: One disadvantage of this lamp is that the bulb doesn’t really cover all the salt chunks in the basket. So you might not get enough light from it as you will wish.

For a better experience with this lamp , it is important you avoid extension cords. Do not also plug it in thesame socket with major appliances in your home such as tv, refrigerators, oven etc.


4. Lavoit Elora Himalayan salt Lamp

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The levoit Elora  sits on a stainless steel base. The unique patent design controls drainage. And as a result it prevents moisture build up on your furniture. It also elongates the lifespan of the lamp as a whole.


The lavoit Elora Himalayan salt Lamp comes with a safer and intuitive touch dimmer switch that allows you to change the brightness of the lamp to match your mood and or environment.

Unlike other old brands, this dimmer has no fire risk. In fact many people hesitate to buy Himalayan salt lamps because of the risk of fire.

You don’t need to bother with such worries with this model because it’s 100% percent authentic, UL Listed , FCC and RoHS approved.

It is shipped in a nicely and nearly packaged decorative box. This makes it a perfect gift for your family, loved ones or friends.


Downsides: Just like the WBM Himalayan glow salt light 1004, it can melt away and make a mess on your furniture. It does not always behave this way though.

5. Himalayan glow 1002

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The most important thing about these lamps is that the salts should be mined from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. And that’s exactly where the salt crystal in this lamp comes from. It is 100% percent original. Its un smoothened irregular surface is pink when the lamp is off. This gives a great feel when lit and unlit.

The lamp sits on a wooden base made from neem. Neem is one of the most sort after wood in India. It is very versatile. And has many medical purposes. It has an aromatic property that repels pests. This makes it a termite repellent. You wouldn’t have to worry about termites destroying your lump in no time.

It comes with a 6 foot cord,  a dimmerble  rotary switch and  15W Bulb. You can change the  bulb with different colour to give a different appearance to suit wherever you want to lit it.

The dimmer of the Himalayan glow 1002 was recently changed. The dimmer currently in use is ETL certified,  fireproof and heat resistant. With this new dimmer, you can adjust the brightness of the lamp to match the mood of your environment , home or office.

You can place this lamp at your bedside to give you that cozy feel you so much deserved. You can also put it on top of your desk to give a special look. The lamp can equally be used as a night lamp.

The lamp weights just 7.72 pounds.

Cleaning this particular lamp is easy. You just have to wipe With a dump sponge. And use a paper towel to dry it.

You can use the Himalayan glow salt light as a nice gift for your family, thank yous and loved ones.

Downsides: It is important  to state that this lamp might come with faulty dimmers. This is not a general problem though.




As we stated ealier, Himalayan salts are the new hit in town. Many people purchase it these days for various reasons.  And following the increased demand for these salts , some people have been creative in making fake Himalayan salts. Just to make some few bucks. Huh.

The  lamps  they make actually  looks like the actual Himalayan salt lamps. And of course they are not!

Here are some tips that may help you spot a fake lamp.


1. If the crystal from your lamp does not originate from Pakistan;  from the deep underground in the mines of Khewra in the Himalayan mountains, then your lamp is highly likely to be fake.

It is the only country where true Himalayan pink salt can be found.  So if you are not sure if the lamp is fake or genuine, you can always ask for its country of origin. In doing so, make sure you are specific. Some manufactures may state where the lamp has been assembled as the origin.


2. If the supplier or the manufacturer has a strict return policy;  If the person you are buying the lamp from is strict on the return policy, then the lamp may be fake. Suppliers of genuine Himalayan salt understand the fragility of theproduct. And that’s why they always have relaxed return policies.

So if you meet a supplier with a strict return policy, you need to be wary. That person might be among the “creative” lots selling fake lamps.


Himalayan Salt Lamps



3. A very bright pink salt lamp is a very good indicator that the lamp is fake. This is because the salt contain so many minerals that cause low brightness and uneven distribution of the brightness.

Regular genuine salt lamp emits only a soft warm glow. If your lamp effectively brightens up your place, then it may not be a real Himalayan salt lamp.


4. If the lamp contains a white crystal and yet it is not very expensive, then there’s a high probability  that it is fake. The white crystals are rare and highly sort after.  If you find a Himalayan lamp with white crystals  but it is not more expensive than the other types of pink salt lamps, then it is not genuine.


5. A durable  pink salt lamp is a fake lamp. As mentioned earlier, genuine pink salt lamps are very fragile and may not wholly survive dropping or bumping into solid objects. If your lamp is still intact after dropping or bumping into solid objects then you should know that your product is fake.



In Conclusion

Himalayan salt lamps are great products. They can be used for decorations at homes, offices or anywhere they are used.

They are thought to emit negative ions! As we said above, there is not really a concrete evidence to back up this claim.

Negative ions in general neutralise the effects of electromagnetic radiation in your home.  Many houses these days are full of electromagnetic rations emitted from various things in our homes. Such products as laptops, tablets, refrigerators , cell phones and personal cafe electronics are all common sources of electromagnetic radiation at home.


Electromagnetic radiation have many adverse effects on your body. Studies have shown that pregnant women who are exposed to high level of electromagnetic radiation give birth to children who are more likely to develop asthma.
long term exposure to electronic radiation may increase the risk of  Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia (source)

But we can not say that Himalayan salt lamps can neatralise the effects of these radionts.


The lamps we have reviewed are the best  Himalayan salt lamps in the market. Get one of them for your home or office and enjoy its warm glow and the look it adds to your surrounding

If you have any question about Himalayan salt lamps, feel free to leave a comment below.


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