Best Hypoallergenic Pillows 2021

Getting the best hypoallergenic pillows to deal with dust mites and other allergens is becoming tough. So many manufacturers produce these kind of pillows these days. And this is due to the widespread problems of dust mites and other allergens. In america alone, more than 50 million people suffer from allergies every year. Allergy is widespreed problem and a huge health burden for many households.

If you often wake up from sleep with stuffy nosy,  itchy eyes or other allergy symptoms, then you are likely among the 20 milllion americans who are allergic to dust mites.  One of the main sources of these microorganisms is your pillows.  The warmth of your pillow you sleep on might be serving as a conducive environment for these mites and other allergens.


Hypoallergenic Pillows


Dust mites are tiny microorganisms  usually found on bedding. They are attracted to the skin you shed daily on your bedding.  Totally eliminating these trouble causing microorganisms and other allergents from your home might be difficult. But controlling your exposure to them and as a result avoiding thier troubles is possible. And doable.

Hypoallergenic pillows are some of the ways to do this. You can use these pillows for a comfortable and asthma allergy symptoms-free good night sleep.

Hypoallergenic pillows are resistent to dustmites and other allergens. The materials these pillows are made of don’t provide condusive environment for allergents and dustmites to thrive.


Best  Hypoallergenic pillows

Getting the right hypoallergenic pillow for your home is a very personal choice. So in the reviews below we  highlighted the basic and important features of each hypoallergenic pillow to help you to make  The perfect  choice for your home


1. Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

best hypoallergenic pillows

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This is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for people who want to have a comfortable sleep without any disturbance from either dust mites or other allergens. It is made of 60 % polyester (Polyester  is one of the most common materials used in making bedding that are resistant to allergens and dustmites ) and 40 Rayond- A material derived from Bamboo.

The pliilow is adjustable. Meaning you can remove and add foam to suit your needs. With this feature, you dont have to worry about your pillow being too low or too high for you. You determine the right status of your pillow by your self at any moment.

Another reason why this pillow is so popular with customers is that it does not retain heat. It has a great airflow. And this is the more reason why it is a good hypoallergenic pillow. Rememer we did state earlier that dust mites love warmth environment. By not retaining heat, the pillow is making itself unattractive to dustmites.


It is also certiPUR-US  certified foam. It has been independently analysed and tested by accredited testing laboratories. And has been proven to be free from volatile organic compounds, retardents, formaldehydes, phthalates and other harmful organic comnpounds.

If you want a pillow that helps you to fight off dustmites and other allergens without compromising your comfort, this particular model is a leading choice for you.

The measuremensts  for  the various sizes of the pillow are 20 in X 26 in for the standadrd pillow, 20 in X 30 in for the queen size, and 20 in X 36 in fort he king size.

If you buy it  and don’t find it useful witnin 30 dyas, you can return it for a refund. You don’t need to stick with a pillow that does not need meet your needs.

Downsides :  Side sleepers might not find the pillow that helpful.  It may also come with strong smell.


2. Classic BrandsMemory Foam Pillow,

Classic Brand hypoallergenic pillow

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This pillow comes with some unique featurs that make it a nice and strong option for people looking for comfortable pillows that are hypoallergenic at thesame time. The pillow is suitable for both warm and cool nights. It has cool gel layer and a  memory foam. The cool gel layer is helpful on warm nights while the memoray foam layer is your choice on cooler nights.

The cool gel layer regulates temperature by dispersing heat and ensuring  a good air flow. And as such it helps to keep you cool on warm nights. Sleeping on warm nights can really be uncomfortable for most people. The cool gel part of this pillow takes ensures you get a comfortably night sleep on such nights.


The memory foam on the other hand molds according to your shape. And by so doing, it provides the  needed support for your head, neck and shoulders through out the night. This makes it suitable for many sleeping positions.

Also, The memory foam is nataurally antimicrobial. It is also resistant to dust mites, mold, bacteria and othter allergy and asthma symptoms causing allergens. The pillow is very easy to maintain. Its soft knit cover is removable and washable.

This pillow is particularly popular because of its cooling effect.

Downsides; It might not always produce that cooling effect. Also it may come with weired strong chemical smell.


3.   Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover

Bamboo Shredded memory foam

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If you are like many people who sometimes wish they were able to adjust the thickness of the pillows they sleep on to suit their present needs, then this particular pillow is a strong choice fo you. It comes with a new inner zipper that allows you to adjust the thickness of your pillow to meet your current needs. So you can decide to make your pillow flat, fluffy or in the middle. It all depends on your needs at a particular. You just have to open the zipper  and remove some fill to adjust your pillow

The shredded memory foam does not become flat or lumpy easily. It is able to maintain its uniform density over time.  You wouldnt have to replace it very often. You can also mold it to suit the alingnment of your head, neck and shoulders. And as a result , it’s a great pillow for insomania, snoring, people with back and neck pains and other orthopedics conditons


The bamboo cover of the pillow is micro-vented. It is soft. And ensures quality air circulation. By doing so, it regulates the temperatures and helps keep the surface of the pillow cool. So you would not experience sweety face with this pillow while sleeping.  You get comfortable sleep at night.

Another important feature of the pillow is that it is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold. This reduces the chances of getting troubles from allergens while you are trying to sleep. Allergens can be very  problematic at times. They can keep you awake at nights if you dont take the necessary steps  to control thier presence on your bedding especially.

It is certiPUR-US certified. It has been tested and analaysed by independed accredited testing laboratories. It doesn’t contain ozone depleters, VOCs and other harmful chemicals.  It is thus safe even for pregnant women.

Downsides : It  be too thick soemties. You can also get some neck issues witht the pillow.


4. Snuggle-PedicBamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

another good hypoallergenic pillow

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The snuggle-pedic Ultrluxury pillow is another strong name when it comes to the best hypoallergenic pillows available  on the market today. It is made of three materials:  56.4 % polyester, 43% viscose of Bamboo and 6 % Lycra.  These make the pillow strong and durable. It does not go flat easily.

The pillow is quite resilient. So irrespective of your sleeping position, the foam can self adjust to give you that perfect orthopedic support you need for a comfortable and refreshing sleeping.

In addition to this, the foams comes with a removable outer cover. This allows you to adjust the nature of your pillow. You can remove and add fill to your pillow to fit your particular needs. With this feature, you have  control over the firmness, softness  and thickness of your pillow. You make it as you want it.

Being able to adjust the thickness of the the pillow also provides  those who snore the oppurtunity  to alter thier head positions so as to better open up thier air passeges.  Thus it helps prevent snoring while sleeping.


The shreded foam mix used in making the pillow are naturally hypoallergenic. They are also resistanant to dust mites. It  is certiPUR-US certified. It has been shown to be made without dangerous chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehydes, ozone depleters, mercury etc. It’s easy to maintain and care for. You can actually wash it in a machine.

The snuggle-pedic ultra-luxury pillow comes in three sizes ;  26 X 19 in cut size for the standard pillow¸ 28 X 20 in. Cut size for the queen size and 35 X 20 in. Cut szie for the king size.

Downsides; It emits volatile organic compounds. Though in low quantity ( less 0.5 parts per million) and also the pillow can be too firm and stiff sometimes.


5. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow –

The beckham luxury pillow is different from many pillows in many ways. They are made from super plush gel fibers. They seem to be made specifically for allergy and asthma patients as well as those with respiratory issues. They are dust mites and mold resistant. They don’t provide a conducive  environment for these allergy and asthma symptoms triggering substances to thrive. And in addition to that, they resist mildew too. This is one of the unique features of these particular pillows. This makes it a great choice for people who are allergic to dust mites, mold and mildew

They are also fade and stain resistant. They dont lose thier strenght easily. And you dont have to worry about stain destroying your pillow in no time. They are machine washable too. Making it quite easy to care for and maintain.


The manufactureres are so confident in the quality of the pillows. So they offer a full refund of your Money in case you don’t find it useful within 30 days after purchase.

Many people who who recommend it talked about how comfortable they are to sleep on and they  also like the fact that they are fluffy.

Downsides;  The main issue with the pillows is that it can arrive covered in stain or mold. But this is not a general issue.

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6. Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow –

Gel pillow is a great choice for allergy sufferers

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In fact these pillows have almost the same qualities as the bekham luxury pillows above.  They are also gel fiber filled and provide comfrotable good night sleep.

And like the luxuruy pillows, these pillows are also hypoallergenic. They are allergen and chemicals free. They are also resistant to dust mites. So You would not have to struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep beacuse of allergens.

It is also stated that they are mold and stain resistant. But it is important to mention that even though this is one of its unqiue features, the pillows can be mold stained upon arrival. You can send it back thoug in case you experience something like this. If you purchase them and they dont live up to your expectaion, you can send them back for a full refund of your Money within 30 days.


These pillows are still included in our best hypoallergenic pillows list because of the softness but firm nature of these pilllows.  The pillows are also comfortable and supportive. And it can help with back pains too.

Downsides: the main issue with these pillows is that they may arrive stained and moldy. But as we said earlier, this is not a general  problem. And more to the point you can return them within 30 days after purchase if you are nopt happy with them.


7.  Certipur Memory Foam Pillow  By Clara Clark

this Certipur memory foam is hypoallergenic

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The pillows are made of 100% shredded memory foam. They are hypoallergenic. That is to say they are allergens free. They also repels dust mites.  The risk of you being distracted by allergens while you are sleeping or trying to sleep is low with these pillows

These orthopedic pillows  also support your head, neck and shoulders while you are asleep.  Thus they ensure you get a relaxing  good night sleep. You also wake up from bed refreshned. The pillows are also good choice for people with back and neck pains.  The design of the pillows  provides a perfect alignment for your shoulders, neck and head. And as a result, they enhance your posture.  Getting the right posture while sleeping is necessary to prevent back and neck pains.


Another cool part of these pillows is that they come with a removable  bamboo cover. The covers are breathable. They ensure proper air circulation. You wouldn’t have to worry about unnecessary warmth while asleep. The softness of the covers also provide you with a comfortable good night sleep.

It is very easy to care for these pillows. You don’t  need  to struggle to keep them clean and neat always. Since the covers can easily be washed in a machine.

What if you buy them and they dont live up to your expectations? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Just return them for a full refund. Returning them is hassle-free.

Downsides;  it can be too firm.


8. Aller-Ease Cotton Hypoallergenic Allergy  Body Pillow,

A cheap but great hypoallergenic pillow

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This is actually a body pillow. It is hypoallergenic. Its fabric acts as an allergen barrier. It blocks those tiny particles that can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms such as pollen and dust.  This makes it a great choice for people suffering from asthma and allergy. Allergens can really disturb the quality of your sleep. And that’s why getting these hypoallergenic pillows are necessary.

Its cover is made of 100% cotton. It’s quite durable and soft too. Another special feature of the cover is that it is breathable. It ensures proper air circulation. Thus  you get the comfortable night sleep you want with this pillow


Instead of using mulptiple pillows to support your hips, neck and back, you can actually use this pillow fort this purpose. It is a great option for kids’ bedroom, dorm rooms and preganant women.

Caring for and maintaining the pillow is quite simple. You can easily machine wash it. The hypoallergenic polyester fill of the pillow regains its shape after washing.  It does not go flat in no time.

Downsides ;  It might not always  provide you with the support you  expect. It can also be too firm sometimes.



Hypoallergenic pillows do work for people who are allergic to dust mites and other allergens.  And at thesame time they still maintain thier basic function as a pillow.

In fact hypoallergenic pillows are not only for  those with dust mite  and other allergies as some people tend to think.  Indeed even those without  such allergies can find these pillows useful. The fabric in them is usuall more pure than other fabrics. It is also such a nice feeling  going to bed knowing  that your pillow is unlikely to hold any microbes or allergens that might cause you any trouble.


Remember you spend almost 8 hours each day on your bed. So your pillow affects the quaility of the air you breath while asleep. You need a pillow that’s free of dangerous particles.

Another reason why you need a hypoallergenic pillow is that most of these pillows are equally resistant to mildew and mold. This property makes them fresh and clean always.

You can choose any of the pillows we reviewed above based on your personal needs to tackle dust mites and other allergens in your bedroom.

Let’s us know below if you have any questions or concerns.

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