Best Smoke Odor Eliminator 2021

Smoke odor is one of the greatest  nuisance we all desperately want to get rid off in our homes. Smoke odor poses a lot of health hazards. Especially for people suffering from allergy and asthma.
The smoke in our homes contain many irritants and chemicals that adversely affect our lungs. So it’s not uncommon to hear people who live in homes full of smoke complain of difficulty in breathing.
In fact the chemicals in some smokes such as smokes from cigarette and tobacco are enough to trigger an asthma attack in asthmatic patients.  More worrying is the fact that cigarette and tobacco smoke can be somehow difficult to eliminate.
Cigarette smoke for example, can get into literally everything in your house; your jackets, hand bags, walls, carpets and clothes. O yeah! It literally gets into EVERYTHING in your home.
So what are the best smoke odor eliminator you can use to get rid of every smoke odor from your house ? 
You should want to remove any trace of smoke odor in your home. Especially if you are an allergy or asthma sufferer. Since doing so will spare you the trouble of Asthma and allergy symptoms.
Even if you are not an asthma or allergy patient, removing smoke odor is a MUST. As you wouldn’t want to subject your visitors to unpleasant smell in your home.
Having said these, let’s now look at the best smoke odor eliminator available.
Well, you can do away with smoke in your home in many ways . Below are some of the really cool smoke odor eliminators we think are best for your home.

1. Ammonia

best smoke odor eliminator
Ammonia has the ability to remove smoke odor by neutralizing the odor. And that’s why it’s preferable to synthetic air fresheners which simply mask odors.
Leave small amount of ammonia in a container at the place or area with the smoke smell  or odor.
Ammomia has a pungent smell and you may not like  the idea of using it to neutralize odor for as long as its pungent smell may last, so make sure you don’t  splash it while it’s eliminating the odor.
Allow some air into the area or place after you have removed the ammonia, and  ensure the place is exposed for about 60 to 120 minutes.
Try to repeat the process for a minimum period of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days depending on how patient you can be, because the higher the number of days the longer it absorbs the odor.

2. Activated Charcoal

Another cool way of removing the smell or odor is by using some activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal is used generally to remove toxins. Air and water purification systems also do make use of charcoal. It has strong absorbent properties.
You will need to place a cup or bowl of activated charcoal at where the odor is concentrated. Allow it to sit in that area for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of about 48 hours or even more before removing it.
You will marvel at the efficiency. The smell of smoke will  be gone within some period of time.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is quite famous for having so many uses. Odor removal is no exception to its long list of functions. It is one of the finest natural deodorant you probably will ever lay your hands on. Its usage does not require any special technique or mechanical theories.
All you you will need to do is get a reasonable amount of baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate depending on the size of the area you want to remove the odor from.
Apply or sprinkle it to the areas that you need to remove the odor from, make sure it reaches all the parts that may likely contain the smoke smell. You can effectively achieve this by way of using a brush or perhaps a cloth or even your hand if the need arises.
After applying the baking soda, wait for it to perform its wonders but you should also have it at the back of your mind that the longer you wait the more the baking soda gets to work on the area that you have to remove the smoke smell from.  So this means that the results you will obtain after about 60 minutes will be different from the results you will obtain after 30 minutes.
But in any case all will boil down to your decision and the amount of free time you have at hand or will be able to create.
When you are satisfied with its work, get yourself a vacuum cleaner and clean where you sprinkled them.  It’s important to note that you have to try as much as possible to keep moisture from getting into contact with the baking soda because it may generate a paste that you will not find easy removing

4. Vinegar

Vinegar is also an essential household odor neutralizer. Using vinegar can effectively eliminate the odor or smell of smoke. Vineger is a diluted solution of acetic acid. It is good for cleaning both hard and soft surfaces.
Pour it into a cup or container and allow it at the place you hope to remove the odor from. Make sure you leave your  cup or container at that place for at least a period of 24 hours.
Although many people may argue that the smell of vinegar is not in any way better than that of smoke. The fact is that they may  be right.
But what you should also be aware is that the smell of vinegar will eventually die out within a given period of time but that of smoke smell will not. Smoke odor lingers around for long.

5. Fresh Air

Fresh Air
Before we move away from this set  of odor eliminators,  may we remind you that fresh air can also be a very good odor eliminator. All you need to do is to expose the smoke smelling  area to fresh air and after some time you might be fine.
Washing is also another way of removing smoke smell that we often over look. With time,  resins and tars (some of the causes of smoke odor) can accumulate on materials causing the smell.
So washing such material or items will get rid of the tars and resins and consequently the smoke odor.
If you observed, you would realise that the above mentioned smoke odor eliminators are more or less homemade solutions.
Below, we are going to list some sprays you can equally resort to to eradicate smoke smell from your home.
NOTE; If you are an asthma or allergy patient, please ensure you read the manual labels of these sprays carefully. Just to ensure that you don’t expose yourself to more irritants and harmful chemicals.
Here are the sprays;

1. Ozium

Ozium is considered by some as the best odor neutralizing spray on the market currently. Ozium is excellent for all kinds of smells including smoke odor.
Ozium is able to attack the bacteria in air that causes it to smell .
Ozium might contain harmful chemicals though. So take the necessary precautions before buying. Especially for allergy and asthma patients, Ozium should not be your ideal choice.

2. Smoke odor exterminator;

Smoke odor exterminator  is also a good odor neutralizer and when using it make sure you spray into vents and vent intakes so that it can be properly circulated.

3. Smoke smell Be-gone-

Check its price
It is like Ozium but it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and phthalates. It is blend of natural herb and weed extract.
So we think this is more suitable for people suffering from allergy or/and asthma.

In Conclusion…

Smoke odor is really a nuisance you should want to get rid of. It spoils the quality of air at your home and make you feel uncomfortable .
Smoke odor can also trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.  And we strongly advise allergy and asthma sufferers to make thier homes smoke odor free.
And as you can see from above, there are many effective ways you can use to do this. So go through our best smoke odor eliminators once again. And choose those best for you.
We hope you find a solution for that smoke smell in your home now. Feel free to leave us a comment or question below.
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