How to choose a good Air Purifier.

We know the importance of air purifiers. We also know there are all sorts of air purifiers out there. In my last post, we discussed the most common air purifiers available.  For many asthmatic and allergy patients, the issue is not whether an air purifier will be helpful. The question is how to choose a good air purifier.

Choosing an air purifier is important. And a lot of factors must go into the decision making process. In this piece, I will be discussing the important questions a buyer must ask and answer before purchasing an air purifier.

Without further ado let’s look at the questions  that Will guide us on how to choose a good air purifier:


The first question you must ask yourself before making a purchase is WHETHER THE AIR PURIFER IS LARGE ENOUGH.  Size is a factor we can’t ignore when we want to buy an air purifier. You must get an appropriate size for your home.  You will want to get an air purifier that is large enough to purify and remove the allergens and other asthma and allergy symptom-triggering particles in the room it will be placed. Also remember that you a need a bigger unite for a bigger room. If not you may not be able to tolerate the noise.

The clean air delivery rate (CADR) of an air purifier will help you to choose the best size. AHAM which stands for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers use the CADR of air purifiers to grade them. You can check on thier website for more information.


The second question you will have to ask before choosing an air purifier is HOW EASY IS IT TO REPLACE AN AIR FILTER. Do the filters need to be replaced regularly? And if yes, How often ? A month ?  Two or Three ?  if you have many pollutants, irritants and allergens in your home, especially If there’s a smoker in the house, you will have to change the filters on regular basis.

Be sure to see  a demonstration before buying. You need to see and learn how the filters are changed. Are they difficult to change ? Is the process comfortable ? You need all these questions on how to choose a good air purifier.

Another relevant question you should ask is COST.  Surely this is one of the most necessary questions to ask. How much will it cost you to operate the system continuously. For at least one year ? The air filters of the device might need to be changed every month or two.

Air purierfiers come at different prices. It important to consider your budget before choosing a particular unit. And in doing so, always keep quality delivery too at the back of your mind. Don’t choose an air purifier simply because it’s cheap. Choose an air purifier that cost moderately and at thesame time delivers .


The final question you have to ask before getting an air cleaner is the NOISE.  Does it make loud noise ? Can you comfortably sleep under such noise ? Remember in the earlier posts, we said the HEPA Filters, especially those with fans  do make noise. we offered a solution to it: we said it is important to get larger device  designed for bigger rooms to reduce  the noise. And that the fan should be at a lower speed.

Look for and purchase air purifiers that have the highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) , Lowest levels of noise and still performs effectively.

In the coming days, will be updating you with best air purifiers available. We will only recommend air purifiers that answers all the above questions satisfactorily.   We care about your health, so we will ensure we present you with the best deals.  Our recommendations will be based on many factors. We are researching to find the most cost effective air purifiers that deliver quality.

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      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you found the piece helpful. I will do my best to provide all the needed infomation on the best air purifiers available in the coming days.

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