IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Review: Is it worth the high price?

The many different brands of air purifiers really do emphasise the importance of air purifiers these days. But the sad thing is that many of them hardly provide enough and convincing air purification.

So in this IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier review, I will help you determine wither this very pricey air purifier lives up to the claims of its manufacturers.

my review in a nutshell.

This brand really proved its worth since I started using it a month ago. I sleep more comfortable now. And my stuffy nose is almost gone. The purification it provides is more than enough. If you are an allergy and asthma sufferer and haven’t got impressive results with other air purifiers yet, you need to invest in this band. My main issue with it is the price. It’s really an expensive model.

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Now a Comprehensive look at the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier review air purifier


I wouldn’t go into detail about its general basic features. In this review I will be focusing more on its features that matter and how they performed over the one-month period I have been using it.

First of let’s look at the claims about the product

The company claims the IQAir air purifier can removed up to 99.5 percent of molecules as tiny as 0.003 micron. And it does this using a special air filtration known as HyperHEPA filtration.

This feature they claim allow the device to remove ultra fine molecules that can’t be filtered by normal HEPA filters. And as such asthma and allergy sufferers will be able to breath in allergen free air.

It also claims its 5lb charcoal filter is effective enough to eliminate all unwanted odor in its surroundings.


Now let’s examine these claims through my experience and intensive research about this device

I got the device because of my allergy. I usually wake up with stuff nose and unpleasant air around me. Over the years, I have tried different brands of air purifiers. None of them provided me with the quality air I do need. Since I was seriously looking for relief, I didn’t take into account the price of the device. After all, if it failed, I can easily return it and ask for a refund or a better one. I thought to myself a month ago.

The product arrived as expected and I immediately put it to use.

Setting it up is straight forward. Not complicate.

The device comes with all its 3 filters. And included are instruction manual and videos on how to set it up for use. You wouldn’t encounter much difficult operating it.

The casters on which the device stands make it easier to easily move the device around. I placed it in the bedroom. The remote however can be quite annoying. The sensors for it are in top of the air purifier. You have to get it closer to it for it to respond properly.

The device is quite. As compared to its competition in the market. On the medium setting / speed, it hardly produces any noise. In fact the white noise under this speed is quite good for sleeping. For some people of course.

On higher speed, the noise is quite higher. Though less than the noise other air purifiers produce on similar speed.

The charcoal issue

I have not yet experience any problem with the V5 charcoal filter. It performs quite well in terms of eradicating odor in the bed room.

But I read else where about the horrifying experiences of others. They complained of terrible chemical smell from the device as result of the charcoal filter.

And from my research it seems this problem is due to either long storage of the air purifier or improper storage. One thing about the charcoal filter is that it keeps absorbing stuff, whether the machine is in operation or not. So a long storage or improper storage could cause such a smell.

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Cost of maintaining the air purifier.

One downside about this air purifier is that it requires lots of investment upfront. But the good part is that the filters do last long. You could use them for years. Charcoal filters can last up to 2 years. The HEPA filters also enjoy a life span of about 4 years. The pre filters need to be replaced more regularly.

But in general, the frequency of replacement depends heavily on its surroundings. If there are too many allergens, molecules and odor to be removed always, then expect to replace the filters more often.

Note: I have heard some people see you could deduct the cost on taxes if you can get a doctor to give you a letter of necessity.


Warranty Guaranteed ?

If you want to enjoy the generous warranty the comes with this device, you have to ensure you buy from an authorised re seller.

There are so many re sellers for this brand. Sadly, not all of them are authorised. So you have to be careful about the re seller you buy from.

My Verdict

After a month’s usage I can comfortably give this device 5 stars. Its purification is effective and enough and the charcoal filters does a good job at absorbing unpleasant smells in the surrounding.

If you suffer from allergy and asthma or if you desire to get a better air purification in your surrounding, I strongly recommend this device for you.

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