The Most Accurate Indoor Humidity Monitor for You

There are so many humidity monitors on the market today. But the problem is that it is difficult getting those that are really very accurate. In fact, even getting a humidity monitor that is somehow close to providing accurate humidity readings of your environment is also becoming difficult these days.

And that’s why it’s no wonder that so many people are on the lookout for the most accurate indoor humidity monitor.

After intensive research we’ve been able to gather 3 of the most accurate hygrometers  for you to use indoors. These sensors have been proven to be really great. Many people who use them are surprised by the accuracy of their readings.

List of the most accurate indoor humidity monitors:

1.Cigar Oasis caliber IV Review

The Cigar Oasis Caliber IV provies accurate humdity readings

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When it comes to accurate humidity monitors, this device stands very tall. This is evident from the number of overwhelming recommendations it enjoys both online and offline by those who use hygrometers on daily basis.

Indeed, this model has proven time and again that it is the go to model when accuracy is your main concern and even though it is not as advanced as the new models we see on the market today, the accurate reading it provides is one of the reason why it is still a hot cake for so many people.

It provides an amazing accuracy of +-1% RH.

And the amazing thing is that it is able to maintain this particular accuracy for a very long period of time. There are so many hygrometers that easily lose their accuracies over time the and become almost irrelevant to your needs.

The Cigar Oasis Caliber IV comes calibrated. So you can use it out of the box because the calibration it comes with is very good and accurate. In the rare case that the calibration it comes with is not good, you can easily re-calibrate it and this can be done very easily.

Another reason why you should get this is that the reading changes pretty quickly as compared to others. An indication that it continuously read the humidity in its environment and provide their corresponding readings. So you do not have to worry so much about delayed readings. The reading it provides at any given time is indeed a true reflection of the current humidity of the environment

Its size is great and will fit well in humidor setups.

2 Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R

The Oasis Caliber 4R is also very accurate in its reading

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This model is also made by the company that manufactures the first one. It is also a very great and reliable model and has been used by so many people for their indoor humidity monitoring

It comes with more powered sensors to easily detect the outside atmosphere making it a handy device for those who need very sensitive hygrometers.

It also has an accuracy of plus or minus 1% RH and it’s also able to maintain this accuracy for a very long period of time

It’s comes in around sheep and this is quite an attraction for me personally.

The color on the screen makes it very easy to read every reading it provides. So you not have to strain your eyes nor face any difficult to understand what it is reporting

The device is pretty durable and the batteries are also very strong and in some cases they can last for as long as a year. This is a cost-saving future and it should be a consideration for many people. Especially those who want to maintain minimum cost while using a hygrometer

Its size is also an advantage. The size makes it very portable and it is very helpful for those who wants to have a hygrometer with them wherever they go. You can easily take the humidity and temperature readings of your environment.

Just like the first, it comes calibrated even though you can also re calibrate it. But in most cases, re calibration will not be necessary as the initial calibration it comes with is quiet spot on

Another good thing about this particular model is that the temperature readings are also very accurate. We tested it with advance temperature measuring devices and the difference was not that much. So you could use this device for measuring the temperature in your surrounding

These two models: Caliber IV and Caliber 4R are so far the most accurate indoor humidity monitors we could find on the market currently and as I said earlier, though they do not have the advanced features most of the new ones have, their accuracy is so good that they’re still very relevant and important and useful for many people today

But if you look for something with reasonable and impressive accuracy, and also has all the features you want in a modern hygrometer, Then our recommendation for you and is the:

3. Temp stick wireless Unit

The Temp stick wireless hygrometer

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First of all, it has the much-needed Wi-Fi feature as expected. The Wi-Fi future is very crucial because it gives you an absolute control over that hygrometer and allows you to Monitor and control the device wherever you maybe. You do not have to be in the house to be able to monitor the readings of your hygrometer.

Another best-selling points of this particular device is that it comes with very good batteries that can last up to 12 months sparing you power cost and the cost of having to buy batteries very often

One of the amazing Advanced features of this device is that you have the ability to program it such that you’ll be able to receive an alert and notifications via text messages or emails about important updates such as when the device is on low battery or when the temperature in your environment is very high or low or when the humidity goes beyond or below what is normal and optimum

This is very important because it allows you to be able to respond in real-time to abnormal changes in the temperatures and humidity of your home.

You get the chance to monitor your home 24 / 7. And also you can always go as far back as you like to look at the data that has been collected. There is no limit to how far you can go to get the history of the data recorded by this device

Setup is very straightforward and within 180 seconds, that is just 3 minutes, you should be able to finish customizing and programming the device to work according to your needs.

What I like most about this particular device is the notification and alert system. The fact that you can set it to send you a text or email when the temperature goes beyond a particular degree. For example assuming you want a maximum temperature of 80° in your house you can set this in the program and when the temperature goes beyond it, the system will send out a text message or email to as many email addresses as you want.

It does all these without consuming that much data. So using it will not put a toil on your internet usage in a month

Temperature accuracy is usually plus or minus 0.4 and it can measure temperatures ranging from -14 F to 125 F and the accuracy of humidity is plus or minus 1% RH and it’s can measures from 0 to 100% humidity.

Why You should only buy the most accurate indoor humidity monitor?

There are so many reasons why you should endeavor to get the most accurate humidity monitor for your home. Humidity affects the air we breathe and as a result it also affects our health because if the quality of the air we breathe is poor, then we can get sick and unwell easily. Poor humidity can lead to the growth of mold which in turn can cause serious problems such as allergies. Not to mention the damage they cause to walls and other structures in the home. So it is important to ensure that you get a hygrometer to be able to maintain the optimum humidity in your environment

Since having a humidity monitor allows us to tell when the humidity in your surrounding is good or not and then make the necessary arrangements to correct this anomaly.

Another reason why you should want to have a humidity monitor is that some particular good are very sensitive to humidity so in order to gauge the optimum storage conditions, humidity monitor is needed. If not you risk losing very valuable possessions and resources in your home

In conclusion

If you look for something basic but highly accurate in monitoring the humidity in your environment then go for the first two options that have simple designs and are very portable and most importantly they are really really really accurate. Very few devices can match them in this regard

But if you want something more advance with more wonderful and appetizing features: something that’s well suited for modern times then the Temp wireless device is a must have. It is a very useful device and can help you save a lot of cost and also be able to help you monitor your house 24 / 7 Wherever You Are.

We hope this article was beneficial to you and we hope that you are now able to get the most accurate in the humidity monitor that you need.

You can leave a comment or question if you have any below.

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