How to Get Dust Mites Out of Pillows


How to get dust mites out of pillows is now a conerned for many people today. Not least because of the spike in the awareness of dust mites allergies in general. It is no secret that your bed is the ideal place for these dust mites. But not so much has been said about our … Read more

Best Hypoallergenic Pillows 2021

Hypoallergenic Pillows

Getting the best hypoallergenic pillows to deal with dust mites and other allergens is becoming tough. So many manufacturers produce these kind of pillows these days. And this is due to the widespread problems of dust mites and other allergens. In america alone, more than 50 million people suffer from allergies every year. Allergy is … Read more

Best HEPA Air purifiers 2021

The demand for air purifiers is on the rise.   Not least because of the increase in the amount of both outdoor and indoor air pollutants. In fact we now know that the pollution in homes is almost four to five times greater than the pollution outside. Millions of people today resort to Air purifers to … Read more

Best Himalayan Salt lamps 2021

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Patronage of these lamps is skyrocketing. There are so many of these lamps on the market today. Some are genuine while others are fake.  The salt in the lamp originates from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. Hence its name. The Himalayan salt lamps come in different seizes and shape. They  have varying designs. The most … Read more

Best Air purifiers for Dust Removal 2021


Have you ever wondered where and how to find the best air purifiers for dust removal?  If you are allergic to dust and or other allergens, then I bet your answer is yes! So read on to find the answer to your question. The need to keep our homes and surrounding dust free has never … Read more

Indoor Mold Allergy – And how to prevent it


Indoor Mold allergy is becoming a serious condition for many people across the globe. Indoor mold allergy occurs when your body react to the mold spores in your home. Mold (fungus) can grow almost anywhere but they thrive well in warm, damp, humid and dark environments where temperatures are above 50 percent. They may be … Read more


mold spore

Globally,  so many people suffer from different kind of allergies. In America alone, about 50 million people are battling different types of allergies. It is therefore not surprising that a large number of people today are concerned about how to reduce allergens at home. According to a survey conducted by  the Journal of Allergy and … Read more

How to Prevent Dust Mite Allergy

House dust mite

Dust mites mites can be quite difficult to eradicate completely from your home. Because no matter how clean your house is, these tiny little organisms will always find a way in. ………. So in this post, we will discuss how to prevent dust mite allergies; measures  you can take to limit your exposure to dust … Read more

Best Mattress Protector For Allergies 2021


If you often wake up from bed with allergy symptoms, it is highly likely that  your mattress is the source of the allergens that trigger your allergy symptoms at home. In this post, I have listed and discussed the best mattress protector for allergies : Mattress covers you can use to deal with your allergy symptoms. … Read more

Dust mites and Allergies

Dust Mite

If you often wake up from bed with runny nose, itchy eyes or stuffy nose, then it’s highly likely that you are suffering from dust mite allergies. Almost 20 million Americans suffer from this condition. Dust mites and allergies are almost inseperable! Dust mites are among the most common causes of all year round allergies. And … Read more