Top Bedroom Air Purifying Plant

We all know the importance of the bedroom. It is the place where we go for quality night sleep and since we spent almost one-third of our day in there, it is important we ensure that we have the best air in our bedrooms.

Unfortunately not many of us enjoy quality air in our bedrooms. The air in many homes are polluted with all sorts of toxins and unwanted substances.

This has wide ranging consequences. And One of the most common effects of having poor air quality in the house is lack of proper sleep. As a result, many of us wake up feeling tired. This also leads to low productivity during the day.

Because let’s face it, the toxins, allergens and chemicals found in polluted air do not allow us to breath in healthy air. They can easily trigger asthma and allergy symptoms and keep you turning on the bed at night.

Fortunately for us, there are so many ways we can improve the quality of The air in our bedrooms. Air purifiers for example, are some of the tools people use to clean up the air in their bedrooms. While air purifiers are good options in this regard, the prices of the most effective air purifiers make them quite unaffordable for many. Also, so many people have serious issues with the noise some of these air purifiers produce when they are in operation. Even though they are highly effective models that operate almost silently.

If you are one of those who have any of these concerns with air purifiers, there is a great alternative for you and that is bedroom air purifying plants.

There are literally hundreds of plants that you can use to clean up the air in your bedroom and get that quality relaxing sleep you desire. These plants are very effective at reducing the toxins and other unwanted substances in the air of your bedroom and as a result can help you to sleep peacefully and wake up relaxed and energized thereby preparing you for a productive day.

They are so many studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of these plants in this regard and one of them is the famous one conducted by NASA.

Another reason why you should consider these bedroom air purifier plant is the fact that they make your bedroom more natural. It’s been proven that living in a natural surroundings is very key in helping reduce stress and anxiety in human beings.

Below are the three best of these plants:

1. Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is known for so many benefits and it’s been widely used for lots of purposes.

It is therefore surprising that not many people are aware of the fact that Aloe Vera can equally be used to improve the quality of air in its surrounding

Indeed, Aloe Vera is one of the highly rated plants in NASA’s eyes. It has been listed as one of the best option by NASA for improving air quality.

It increases the quality of the air in your bedroom by releasing oxygen at night

One of the main reason why I personally like to have Aloe Vera in my bedroom is that it is ridiculously easy to maintain. If you are like me, who sometimes forget or out rightly neglect plants in the house, then aloe Vera is for you as it does not need much attention and care to able to thrive.

Another reason why this plant is so popular is that it can easily reproduce and multiply. So you do not have to break your budget to buy lots of aloe Vera plants to get the maximum benefit. It suffices to just get one aloe Vera plant and with the minimum care, you will have many aloe Vera plants in your room within some period.

The Egyptians were so impressed by its ability to reproduce that quickly they had to call it the plant of immortality

2. Spider plant

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That spider plant is a serious contender in the world of top air-purifying plants

NASA tests have demonstrated its Effectiveness in removing as much as 90% formaldehyde in the air. Formaldehyde is a potential cancerous chemical which is sadly found in many products in our homes

Having a spider plant in your home gives you many benefits: it helps you improve the quality of the air in the house and it will also save you from the dangers of some of the stuff in your home.

Another reason why this plant is very popular with those who want to have quality air in the bedroom is that it absorbs and therefore eliminate odor in the room giving your room an ever fresh smell

It is also effective in maintaining Optimum oxygen level for good sleep

3. Jasmine plant

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This particular plant has been tagged as an anti-anxiety plant. And has been employed as such by several people to get a good quality night time

People who use this plants in their bedrooms report feeling energetic in the morning and they also report being more productive during the day

If you have a hard time sleeping at night and you usually wake up feeling less energetic and anxious, then it is time to try the Jasmine plant. Having it in your bedroom will do you lots of good.


In conclusion,

They are so many of these plans on the market but from my experience these three plants listed above are among the best if not the best of plants people usually use to improve the quality of the Air in their bedrooms.

My favourite and ultimate choice is Aloe Vera. It comes with so many benefits. It is effective, easy to look after and can easily multiply. Having it in my room has been such a great feeling.

You can have any of the plans above to tackle the quality of the air in your room.

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