Top robotic vacuum cleaners 2021

There’s a surge in the usage of robotic vacuum cleaners lately. And Expectedly, there are so many different types of these robot vacuum cleaners in the market as a result. Getting the top robotic vacuum cleaners for your home isn’t easy anymore. So In this post, we are going to help you make the best buying decision and get the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home.

We all know that  vacuum cleaning can be boring and tiresome. And as humans, we tend to always look for the best alternatives in these kind of situations.

If you hate the idea of getting up to clean  your house  or you are a fan of the latest technology in town or you just need some assistance in cleaning because of any reason, then robotic vacuum cleaners are your best alternatives.  With robot vacuum cleaners , you no longer have  have to lift your fingers to drag around vacuum cleaners to pick up dust, pet hairs and other debris.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are  fascinationg. They come with lazers, motherboars, sensors and sometimes Wi-Fi to help them move around your house with little to no assistance. In most  cases you hardly have to interact with them.

Most of them comes with charging docks. They can charge themselves.  You just need to place the dock where the robot can access it easily. And before it runs out of power, it  will go there and recharge automaticaaly. After that it goes back to where it left off.

Most of them are equipeed with hepa filters to prevent allergens from spreading. They do also come with dust bin that are easy to remove and empty into the garbage cans.

They clean using different methods. Some just randonmly move around and clean with in-built sensors, while others come with remote controls you can use to direct them to where you want them to clean. Some can also scan, map and clean your room methodically.

They can have up to six cleaning modes. The common modes are auto, spot and Turbo. On auto mode, the robot cleans untill the  battery runs out. Spot cleaning makes the robot to clean a particular place. The turbo mode is the most powerful mode. You can use it when you need to clean too much dirt in your home.


Though most of them may not be as good as normal vacuum cleaners, they are very convenient. Many of them come with apps  you can use tocontrol them even when you are outisde the home. You can also schedule them to cleam while  you are away. You just have to set a time for it. When the time is due, it will get up and do the cleaning. But don’t forget to empty the bin when it’s full.

Normally as humans we do proper and through  cleaning of our homes once a week. But a robot cleaner can clean your  home 90 minutes each day and 3 times per week. As such, they can keep your home tidier always. Something you will struggle to get with a normal vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaners can be expensive. And that’s why it’s  important to do some research before buying. Below our top robotic vacuum cleaners list, we have included some buying guide to further help.


Now let’s look at the top robotic vacuum cleaners we have on the market today.

After looking through so many vacuum cleaners on the market, taking in to consideration thier features, efficiency,  prices , customer satisfaction and other  factors,  the robotic vacuum cleaners  below were choosen;


1. iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum

top robotic vacuum cleaners

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This is undoubetedly one of the best robotic vacuum models on the market today. It is first on the list not only because of the great recommendations  it enjoy from people who it, also it has  features and it is highly efficient.

It comes with full suits of many sensors called iAdapt  Multi room Navigations. These sensors allow the device to easily navigate and become adapted to your changing home. You can schedule it to do cleaning while you get busy with other stuff.

One of its stand out features is the guided room to room navigation: The robot has two virtual Wall and lighthouse devices. In the virtual Wall mode, you can restrtict the robotic vacuum in only the room you want it to clean. While in the lighthouse mode, the devices will make your robot clean a particular room, and then afterwards it will send it off to clean another room. You can make your robot do this room to room cleaning up to 3 rooms.

It does also performed concentrated cleaning. With its Dirt Detect series II technology, the device is able to tell where dirt is concentrated most and then focus on that area untill the place is cleaned. With this features, you dont need to direct the robot to where dirts are concentrated,  It will locate itself and clean it thoroughly.


It is installed with AEROforce high efficiency filters that trap and captures fine dirt and dust in your enivronment very easily. One of the factors that limit the perfomers of these cleaners in general is clogging. The iRobot roomba 880 robot model has tangle free extractors. These ectractors  help prevent debris and hair clogs in the device. And as such the device is able to maintain its efficiency for a long period of time.

The model is designed to clean all floor types. Its unique design also allows it to easily navigate under most kickboards, furniture and beds,. It is only 3.6 inch tall.

If you or your family are allergic to dust, this can be a convinient allergen remover. The filters reduce great deal of allergies. It has twice the battery life of the previous models, and cleans your homes twice the number of cycles the previous models performed.

Downsides; The user manual isnt that comprehensive. It leaves much to be desired. ( many people find it easy to operate and use it though ). It can also  be noisy at times and sometimes too it might not be totally hands free as you might wish.

But all in all, We highly reccommend this model for you. It is a great device and cleans rooms almost as efficiently as the traditional vacuum cleaners.


2. iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

irobot roomba 650 vacuum cleaner

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This also another very popular robotic vacuum cleaner model on the market today. Even though the iRobot Roomba 880 model has more advanced features than it,  the model is still the choice of many robotic vacuum cleaner lovers.

It also has an iAdapt navigation sensors that helps the device to know your home and quickly adapt to It. It can automatically adjust to different types of floors such as laminate, carpet, tile and hardwood. When it comes into contact with different floors, it automatically adjust its height, allowing its brushes to get in close contact with different surfaces and clean accordingly.

And like the 880 model, it’s  about 3.6 inch tall. And this means it can go under many kickboards and furniture to clean up hidden dirt. It also has sensors that specialises in locating where more dirt are concentrated. The device then moves to such place and do more additional cleaning.


It comes with two main brushes. One brush  loosen the dirt from the surface, while the other brush pick it up. And together they provide a thorough cleaning. Its edge sweeping brush cleans dirt along walls of your home.

The Roomba 650 robot vacuum model has sensors that detects cliffs helping it to  stay away from stairs. And like almost all robotic vacuum cleaners, it recharges itself.

Downsides;  Beacuse it is quite smaller, you will have to constanly empty the bin if your home has so much dirt for it to clean. It doesn’t also perfom well on rugs. Another point you must know if you wish to buy this rug is that it doesn’t work on black surfaces. If your aim is to clean black surfaces, this robot isn’t for you.


3. Neato Botvac  Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac is one of the top robotic vacuum cleaner

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The Neato Botvac Robot vacuum cleaner is another amazing model on the market. It comes with so many features. And perhaps the reason why it is a hit with many people is the technologies installed it.

The device has two cleaning modes: Eco and Turbo mode. If you want to save energey and have some silence while your device is cleaning up dirt and dust in your home, then the Eco mode is for you. But if you desire to pick up so many dirt in your home, go for the Turbo mode. It offers a super powered cleaning mode. But do know that turbo mode produce  noise cleaning.

It is shaped in the letter D. And with the cornerClever technology, your device is able to effectively clean corners and even close to walls. Its battery has a good lifespan. It doesn’t run out quickly.

It also comes with laserSmart technology. This tech enables  the model to detect objects in real time and clean them accordingly. And the cool thing about it is that , it doesn’t just go about randomly picking up dirt. The technology allows it to scan, map and then methodically clean your room. This makes watching the device clean quite exciting.

It does also detect furniture and other distractors. And can easily navigate around them.


And thats not all about its awesome Technologies. For ultimate control over your robot, it comes with a Wi-Fi  connection. You can use the Neato app to program your device. This allows you to clean your house wherever you are and get notificationbs on the go. if you don’t want to see your device do the cleaning, or if you want it to clean the house before you arrive, this robotic vacuum is the ideal for you.

The device recharghes automaticaaly. You wouldn’t have to worry about its battery runninmg out while you are away. When the battery runs low, it goes and recharges and then goes back to its job untill the work is done.

If you also worry about too much pet hair in your home, this model is a great choice for you. It can pick up pet hair.

Downsides; The model might not always return to its charging station.  It might also not be able to fully navigate through all furniture, and if you have stairs in your home, this device  might not be great for you. It sometimes fall off stairs.


4. Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

another great example of robotic vacuum cleaner

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This model resembles the Neato Botvac. Just that Without a Wi-Fi connection. But despite the lack of this feature, the Neato Botvac D80 is still one of the favourites of many robotic vacuum cleaner lovers. It is a strong model and highly efficient.

It comes with a spinFlow power clean technology. It combines this technology with precision brushes (with great suction power) to thoroughly clean floors. It also comes with swappable combo and blade brushes. All these make the device offer you maximum cleaning at home. Ensuring that almost all dirts are pick up.

The combo brush is especailly good at picking up almost all type of hair. And it is operates silently to. So if you own a pet and woryy about pet allergies, this model could help in controlling  your pet allergies.

Like most top robotic vacuum cleaners, it auto charges. When ever the device runs low on power while in the middle of doing its job, it will automnatically return to its dock for  recharging. And then return to where it left off. This ensures your home is thoroughly clean without some parts left uncleaned simply because the robot ran out of power.


And just like the earlier model, it doesn’t just bump around your home. It uses the patented neato technology to carefully map and plan its line of action. Thus it clean your home methodically.

Another great advangtage it has is the extra large bin it comes with. Its bagless large dirt bin hold more dirt. And emptying it when it is full is quite easy too. You simply get out the bin from the top of the robot and release its content in to a nearby garbagae can. And thats just it.

Downsides; despite the fact that  It works well on floors and thin carpets, it doesn’t not perfom well on other crapets. It may not perform well after a year of purchase. You  might also have to give some little attentiopn to its bin. After working for sometime it can start popping up unnecessarily.


5. Eufy RoboVac 11,

eufy robovac 11 is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners

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Despite its relatively cheaper price, Eufy RoboVac is one of the most liked robotic vacuum cleaners. Its simple design allows it to effectively clean under chairs , tables and almost every nook and cranny of your home. The device can reach many places to clean hidden dirt.

It comes with some Premium features: its droping sensor tech allows the device to avoid unnecessary falls.  It also has  an infared sensor that helps it navigate around obstacles. So you dont have to worry about off limits for your device.

Another cool feature about this model is the anti-scratch glass. It protects your device against scratches. There by preserving it in a good shpe for long.


For  complete cleaning, the device has three cleaning systems; Rolling brush, side brush and a strong suction.

It also has three cleaning levels;  Edge, spot and MAX. With these modes you can let your robotic vacumm concentrate on places with difficult-to-remove dirt and dirt located at areas that are difficult to vacuum. Depending on the situation, you can choose any of the modes to clean your home according to your needs.

One of the reasons why some people don’t really like robotic vacuum cleaners is low battery life. The Eufy roboVac  has a high capacity Li-ion battery that can provide a strong suction pover for 1.5 hours. This is above the classic battery lifespan of good roboti vacuum cleaners which is usually around an hour.

Downsides;  It doesn’t work on high-pile carpets or very dark-coloured floors. Its Premium featrures are not always that effective. The device can get stuck for no apparant reason.



ecovac robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the smartest bots for cleaning

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Another popopuar robot vacuum model is the ECOVAC DEEBOT N79. It is been included our list for many reasons. It comes with so many features that help it to clean homes thoroughly.

It comes with a smart phone app controls. This app allows you to set times for your device to clean. You can also monitor cleaning sessions of the robot from your smart phone. You would not have to constantly check the statues of your device manually. You can check its battery life, the state of its accessories from the app. And when somethng goes wrong, you are alerted through an error message. The app is compatible with both apple and android phones.

Another cool feature is the anti-collision sensors it comes with. This technology enable the robot to easily adapt to  your home. And as such it is able to navigate around obstacles. It is important to state that the senors are not 100 perfect effective. And  In view of this the manufacturers equiped it with durable but soft protective bumpers. Just incase of an accident. For better experience with the ani-collision sensors, it is highly recommended you keep the sensors  clean always.


You can operate the device on many cleaning modes. It has an auto, spot, single room and edge cleaning modes. The auto mode offers you smart cleaning of your home.  The edge mode offers you the opportunity to target difficult to clean edges and corners in your home. The single room and spot modes are ideal for cleaning specific areas. You can tackle a particular area with great amount of dirt with these two modes.

Its battery is quite strong. It can provide a strong suction power for effective cleaning for up to 100 minutes. It recharges automnatically. And despite the strenght of its suction power, ıt does not produce  disturbing noise while cleaning. You can watch television, read book, sleep or do what you want without having to worry about annoying noise from your robotic vacuum cleaner.

Downsides: One of its disadvantages is that you can’t use it to clean thick carpets and rugs. It does not also  clean rooms methodically. Beaucase it doesnt map rooms, it cleans randomly. And sometimes too it might take some considerable time to find its base.


7. ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

a relatively cheaper robotic vacuum cleaner

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ILIFE A4s Robot vacuum cleaner is a strong option for anyone who wish to do away with the traditional vacuum cleaners. If you are a great fan of technology, you will like its sensors. Its multipl sensors help to prevent it from falling off stairs or bumping around in your home.

It has a three step cleaning process. With a strong and powerful suction, it is able to provicde you with thorough cleaning. The A4s of the robot can remove dirt  along walls, under beds and even around the clutter. The device is powered by a superior battery-group. Superior in the sense that the battery can power the robot to clean for up to 140 minutes. Remember the classic battery life for a great robot vacuum cleaner is around 100 minutes.


Despites the strong suction power it provides, the device operates almost silently.  You would not hear a sound from it when it’s cleaning. But do know that if you use it on max, you might hear some some noise.

Another great advantage it has is that it comes with a spare filter aside the main Hepa filter installed it. HEPA filters are undoubtedly one of the most effectice filters for vacuum cleaners in general. They capture and trap  99.97 percent of pollen, dust, mold spores and other allergens. Even particles that are as tiny as 0.3 micron can be filtered by Hepa filters.

The simple design of the robot makes it easy for it to clean under sofas, bed and adapt to your environment easily. You can scedule the device to clean and go out. When the time is due, it will start doing its job. And in case it runs low on battery power, it will automatically return to its dock for recharging.

Downsides;  It does not operate well on very dark coloured floors. It is not also suitable for high-pile carpets. You can’t also connect it to Wi-Fi.


8. ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A6 is a cheap but good robotic cleaner

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ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners sometimes serve as an alternative to the ILIFE A4s robot above.  Though ILFE A4s enjoy great reviews than it. It is included our top robotic vacumm cleaners list becauses of the special features it comes with

This model is installed with the advanced Gen 2 CyclonePower 3 stage cleaning system. This system provide a great suction power to throroughly clean your home. Its spriral brushes are high grade. They can bring out dirt from places that are hard to reach. And once the dirts are extracted, the strong suction it produces picks them up. It doesnt also make loud noise. So you would not be treated to irritating sounds when it is in operation.

It also has spininfg side brushes that sweeps debris and dirt in to the way of the device for pciking up. The side brushes are also effective at cleaning the walls in your home.


And on top of these, it has large dust bins to collect the dirts and debris collected. And thus prrvent the  filters from clogging. This maintains the efficiency of the device for over a period of time.

Th ILIFE A6 robotic vacuum cleaner is very slim. And its size makes its easy for it to go even under beds to catch dirt. On a single charge, its battery can last up to 100 minutes. 100 minutes is the classic duration  for most good robotic vacuum cleaners.

It uses an elctrowall to confine its self to a particular area of space or room. The ectrowall creates an invisible Wall for the device. The robot won’t cross this Wall. As a result the ectrowall prevents the device from bumping into dangerous stuff in your home.

Downsides ;  It cleans randomly. It doesnt follow a spefic plan. Also The robot might not return to its base always and sometimes too it can get stuck.


9. bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

bobsweep is both a vacuum cleaner and a mop

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The bobsweep peHair Robotic vacuum Cleaner and Mop is unique in many respects. First of all , it is both a cleaner and a mop. And it has a Uv sterilizer too. So if you are in search of a robotic vacuum model that can sweep, vacuum and then mop, then the bObsweep robot is one of your best choices.

I particularly like the fact  that it can sweep and mop simultaneously. This device is especially helpful for pet owners. It sweeps off pet dander with ease.

It uses  Hepa filters to pick almost all alergens such pollen, mold spores dust mites an even virus from the air in your home. At thesame time it uses a 400 NM Ultra-violet lamp to sterilise your floors. Keeping it safe from potentially harmful microorganisms.


Another stand out feature of this device is the large dust bin it comes with. Its dust bin is almost 1000 ml.  One of the largest dustbins for robotic vacuum cleaners. And the assuring thing is that it has a three layer filtraion system that prevent small particles from escaping back to the air after they are picked up by the device.

You can scedule it to start cleaning on its own. And when its battery falls below 15%, it automatically returns to its staion for refilling. bObsweep also comes with an infared reomote control. You can use the remote to change and control its cleaning modes and speeds. In fact the remote control allows you to redirect the device to a place you want to focus on a little bit longer.

Downsides: It doesnt map out rooms befor cleaning. It just randomly cleans. Which can be quite irritating to watch sometimes. Its mopping efficiency isn’t that great too.

It’s still a great model though and we do recommend it for those who wants thier robots to sweep and mob at thesame time.


10. ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum

ILIFE V5s is one of the top model of robotic vacuum cleaner

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This is  also another model that multitask. It vacuums, sweeps, and mops. The ILIFE V5s is quite slim and light in weight. It has smart sensors that enables it to adapt to your home. The sensores also help the device to know where the dirt is hiding. And moves to clean it accordingly.

It has four cleaning modes; auto, spot , edge and schedule clean modes.  The auto clean mode picks up dirt in your home randomly and automatically. If you have a special place you want the device to target and clean, then the spot clean mode is the mode to choose. Edge mode helps the device to clean along walls in your home. While scheduling clean mode allows you to time the device to clean your home at a particular time even when you are not around.


Another stand out technology in this device is the i-dropping technology. This feature enhances its mopping ability. The smart water tank also help the device to do a more reliable mopping job.

The ILIFE V5s comes with a new powerful motor with max mode. You can use this mode to do maximum cleaning when you feel there is a great deal of dust in your home. And there is good news for pets owners who have to tackle pet hairs in thier homes. This robot has a pet hair technology that helps it to clean up pet hair, dust, debris and dirt efficiently.

It can adjust to different types of floors including hardwood, tile and laminate. And just like many robotic vacuum cleaners, when its battery runs low, it automaticaaly docks and then recharges. The Battery can run up to 140 minutes. And this is quite a long lifespan for a robotic vacuum cleaner’s battery

Downsides;  despite its enhanced features for great mopping experience, its mopping efficiency is not that great. Also it is hard to schedule it sometimes.


Factors to consider before buying  robot vacuum cleaner

Getting a robotic vacuum cleaner can be a personal decision. There are so many factors you need to take into consideration before purchasing one. Below are the most important factors you have to Consider when you want to get a robotic vacuum cleaner for your home

1. Surfaces you want to use it on.

You have to know the surfaces you want to clean. Most of these robots are designed for both carpets and hard floors.

Generally  they are not suitable for stairs, drapes, car interior and couch cushions. The fibers of long carpets can jam the robots brushes and wheels. In short, they are great for floors.

Look for  robotic vacuum cleaners that can sense the type of surface they are on and adjust acoordingly.

2. Cost

Robotic vacuum cleaners are usually expensive. Prices can range from 200$ to somewhere $1000.

But the point here is that expensive models are not always the best models. You have to Consider the features of the device and your needs as well. Ensure you get a model that meets your cleaning need. Not a model that is priced higher than the others.

3. The strength of its Battery.

Battery life of the robots matters. One hour is the classic duration a robot vacuum cleaner can last after being fully charged.

4. Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi controls can make your experience with robots better and exciting.
It lets you control thier movement and schedules from smart phones

But  do rememer that models with WiFi connections are usually expensive.

5. Remote controls

If you  can’t control your robot from your smaprt phone, a remote control will do. You  can use a remote to direct it to a spot it missed. And just for fun purposes, you can equally use remote to let  your robot chase your pets around the home

6. Auto Scheduling

Devices with Auto scheduling are better and great. Auto Scheduling allows you to program your robot to clean your home at a particular time. So even  while you are away, the device can clean your home.

7. You can consider cleaning speeds. Robotic vacuum cleaners come in many modes. We discussed them briefly at the earlier part of this post.

8. The size of your home

The size of your home matters. You need to buy a robot that can effectively clean the place you intend it to clean. Knowing the size your home will determine the number of robot cleaners you need for your home.



– These robots might get tangled or stuck in your home.

– Models that do not map rooms before cleaning navigate in way that might not make sense. So try and buy from a retailer that has flexible return policies. So that you can return them if you are not comfortable with how the robot performs

– If your dog mess on the floor, the robot can smear it everywhere. So you need to be careful about your pet’s mess in the home.


In Conclusion

Robotic vacuum cleaners may not be perfect, but they do great jobs. If you want to hand over your cleaning chores to someone else , robotic vacuum cleaners should be your strong options.

Yes they are costly.  Some can cost few hundred dollars while others run into thousand of dollars. But tooking at the time they save you and your family, the price might worth it. They can save you from minutes to hours of cleaning time in a week. And this is enough reason for some people to choose robotic vacuum cleaners over the traditional vacuum cleaners

Also they can  almost be as effective as the usual vacuum cleaners. Some of them use side brushes, spining brushes and filters to clean homes thoroughly.

They come in compact designs. And as a result  they dont take too much space in your home. The design also allows them to get undereath furniture and beds easily. So you dont have to rearrange furniture anytime you want to clean your home.

Those with Wi-Fi connection  can be controlled using your smart phones. You can activate some of them with Google assiatant or amazon alexa voice commands

If you do want to have a robotic vacuum cleaner at your home, we think you can get a great one among the top robotic vacuum cleaners we reviewed above.

If you have any question, concern or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below.


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